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The Grammers of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Southern Illinois

Hello, Grammer Researchers,

Here, finally, is my unfinished Grammer manuscript. I never intended for this version to go out, because I always thought that "pretty soon" I'd find the time to clean it up, or I'd get that one tidbit of info that would answer all the unanswered questions. But, since I haven't done any real work on genealogy in years, I guess it's time to pack it in and pass it on, so other people can continue the search with what I already have. Please keep in mind that it's certainly far from complete. Oops, ignore this statement. Genealogical research is, by definition, infinite, so it's never complete.

In any case, here it is, such as it is. I hope it spurs everyone else to continue the research I have been neglecting. All I ask in return is that you let me know of any big “finds” you might run across. If for instance, you can prove Dr. Joel's parentage, I would be eternally grateful.

Happy Hunting!
Penny (Kendall) McIntire

The following documents are PDF files that you should be able to download (by clicking and saving) and print easily from your computer. For those of you who are not familiar with Acrobat Reader, there are "find" and "find again" functions (binoculars icons) that will allow you to search a long PDF file to see if your ancestor's name is anywhere in the file. That way, you don't have to read all
350 pages to discover that your ancestor isn't there at all.

Please read the Preface for cautions about the fact that this is a work in progress as well as for restrictions on how you may use these files.


Table of Contents
Descendancy Chart
Ancestor Chart
Chapter 1: John I? GRAMMER
Chapter 2: Reverend John and Elizabeth (HOPPER?) GRAMMER
Chapter 3: William, Jane (?), and Elizabeth (BARKER) GRAMMER
Chapter 4: Senator John, Juliet (McELHANEY), and Sarah "Sally"(McGRAW) GRAMMER
Chapter 5: Jacob and Sally (BARKER) GRAMMER
Chapter 6: Dr. Joel, Catherine Elizabeth (CLAPP/LEWIS), and Lydia (SIDES) GRAMMER
Chapter 7: Lost and Found
Chapter 8: Bibliography
Gedcom File (John I down through 10 generations)
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