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Terms and Conditions -- Please read before downloading BIOCAT.

Video Demo (Short Version, 05/2012 Release)

Video Demo (Long Version, 05/2012 Release)

A Simple User's Guide

Pattern Recognition 101 for Non Computer Scientists


Example Images (for 2D/3D Fruitfly Neuron)


BIOCAT requires Java installed on your system. You can download Java from here.

Latest Release 1.3.2. Platform Independent (For Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • - New 3D extractors are added.
  • - Multiple classifiers can be used in a committee ensemble.
  • - Thank Thomas Boudier's group for contributing the 3D pagit plugins!

For Developers

Developer's Guide for Writing Plugins

API Doc for Important Classes (For source code or interest of co-development, contact

Last release: Feb 2016