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Terms and Conditions -- Please read before downloading BIOCAT.

Video Demo (Short Version, 05/2012 Release)

Video Demo (Long Version, 05/2012 Release)

A Simple User's Guide

Pattern Recognition 101 for Non Computer Scientists


Example Images (for 2D/3D Fruitfly Neuron)


BIOCAT requires Java installed on your system. You can download Java from here.

Latest Release 1.3.1. Platform Independent (For Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • - New 3D extractors are added.
  • - Multiple classifiers can be used in a committee ensemble.
  • - Thank Thomas Boudier's group for contributing the 3D pagit plugins!

Release 1.2.6. Platform Independent. The BMC Bioinformatics paper on BIOCAT uses this release.

For Developers

Developer's Guide for Writing Plugins

API Doc for Important Classes (For source code or interest of co-development, contact

Last release: Oct 2014