Course Description

627. DATA VISUALIZATION (3). Introduction to the study of data visualization with a focus on computer-based design approaches and techniques for manipulating and visualizing data. A variety of data sources and corresponding visualization techniques will be examined covering scientific, social science, financial, and medical data, for an overall introduction to data analytics. Tools at all levels will be used, ranging from off-the-shelf desktop software to homegrown solutions. Extensive laboratory work. CRQ: CSCI 501 or CSCI 502 or CSCI 503 or CSCI 504 or CSCI 505 or consent of department.


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Monday & Wednesday 5:00 - 6:15PM 

Room PM251

Instructor: Michael Papka

Office: PM559 often in PM55 (ddiLab)

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 8:00 - 9:00AM 

Email: - subject line should start with [DataVis]