Georgia Brown

Office: PM 556
Phone 815-753-3836
email - (school) or (home)

Teaching Schedule:(Fall 2015)
TTh CSCI 466/566 9:30-10:45
TTh CSCI 466/566 11:00-12:15
TTh CSCI 688 2:00-3:15

Office hours:
TTh 9:00-9:25
W 9:00-noon
and by appointment

I am also a Feldenkrais practioner. If you are interested in having me teach an Awareness Through Movement lesson, or would like information about the method, please email me at either of the above email addresses.

Course Links:
CSCI 360
CSCI 466/566
CSCI 688
CSCI 322/522 (Android programming)

Other useful links:
Computer Science Homepage
Libre Office
Travis Carey Lutes
Rook Early Music
Information about my Feldenkrais Practice
SeaMonkey Browser
Information about the Feldenkrais Method
ISSE Feldenkrais Training

Avalon Mississippi, the front porch of John Hurt's cabin.
Me playing guitar on the porch of Mississippi John Hurt's cabin