CSCI 240
Computer Programming in C++

Fall 2014

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Information on the Quincy compiler can be found at if you are interested.

Information on the Dev-C++ compiler that can be installed on a PC or a flash drive can be found at: if you are interested.

For those of you that are using a Mac, information on using XCode can be found at: if you are interested.

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Quiz Number Date
Quiz 1 Week 2 (week of September 1)
Quiz 2 Week 3 (week of September 8)
Quiz 3 Week 4 (week of September 15)
Quiz 4 Week 5 (week of September 22)
Quiz 5 Week 7 (week of October 6)
Quiz 6 Week 8 (week of October 13)
Quiz 7 Week 9 (week of October 20)
Quiz 8 Week 10 (week of October 27)
Quiz 9 Week 11 (week of November 3)
Quiz 10 Week 13 (week of November 17)
Quiz 11 Week 14 (week of November 24)
Quiz 12 Week 15 (week of December 1)

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Quincy Debugger

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